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Maine Criminal History Systems Board

Court Records

State office

State Bureau of Investigation

42 State House Station

45 Commerce Dr, #1 Augusta, ME 04333-0042

Records Available:

Maine criminal records are available to the general public, but are limited to criminal records that include all adults convictions and juvenile adjudication records only. Criminal justice agencies, authorized state agencies and employers may request complete criminal records. Individuals also may request to review their complete, personal Maine criminal records. Complete criminal records include all arrests and dispositions, even if no conviction resulted.

Maine  Court Record Availability

Generally juvenile crime information only contains information relative to offenses that would constitute murder or a Class A, Class B or Class C crime if the juvenile involved had committed the offense as an adult.

Access to Maine Court Records

Retrieving Records

Any citizen or agency in Maine may request a criminal background check online through the Maine Criminal History Record and Juvenile Crime Information Request Service (InforME). The information retrieved through InforME is limited to conviction and adjudication information for crimes committed by adults and juveniles. Maine criminal justice agencies can retrieve an individual’s complete criminal history through their own system.


The fee for retrieving criminal history records through the Maine State Bureau of Identification InforME system is $31 per record search. The fee may be paid by credit card, check, or money order.

Years Available

The Maine State Bureau of Identification maintains criminal history records for as long as the record subject is alive. The bureau’s Records Management Section maintains an archive of criminal records on microfilm.