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Mississippi Criminal Records

Mississippi Criminal, Inmate & Background Check Information At Corrections & Police Departments

Mississippi criminal records check and search

Where To Access Criminal Records In Mississippi

Mississippi State Highway Patrol

About This Office:

The Criminal Information Center (CIC), a division of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS), is the central repository of criminal records for the state. All criminal records are supported by fingerprints and the CIC provides fingerprint identification services to law enforcement throughout the state.

Criminal Records At This Office:

All criminal records requests require fingerprints, since fingerprint searches are how criminal records are organized. Fingerprint cards can be taken manually and mailed or taken and submitted electronically.

Access To Mississippi Criminal Records:

Mississippi criminal records are limited to authorized state and federal agencies, law enforcement and authorized entities, such as employers who are required by law to conduct criminal background checks on potential employees who will work with minors or the elderly. Complete Mississippi criminal records, which include all arrests whether a conviction resulted or not, dispositions, and pending or open charges filed and are released for criminal justice purposes only. Employers receive all state convictions since 1998 and all arrest records less than one year old.

How To Lookup Inmate & Incarceration Records In Mississippi

Mississippi Department of Corrections

About This Office:

The Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) is responsible for overseeing and maintaining three state prisons, four restitution centers, 17 community work centers plus all parole and probation offices in the state. MDOC tries to keep the public safe and help inmates with work release programs, skill building and training courses and counseling services while incarcerated.

Inmate Records At This Office:

The public may perform Mississippi inmate lookup by accessing MDOC’s online inmate search system. Users may search using first and last name, just a last name, or last name and partial first name.

Access To Mississippi Inmate Records:

MDOC allows the public to access certain inmate records for those incarcerated or on parole or probation through MDOC. Inmate records include sentence information, convictions, tentative release date, status, correctional facility location and transfers. Also available with each inmate record is a photo and physical description, including height, weight, hair and eye color, build, complexion, race, and gender, along with date of birth and the offender’s unique ID number.

Run A Background Check In Mississippi

Mississippi  State Department of Health

About This Office:

To begin a Mississippi background check, the Mississippi State Department of Health is the place to go. This agency serves as a central repository for all criminal records for the state, and it also maintains the state’s sex offender registry. The Department of Health features a criminal records online search function that allows you to perform a Mississippi criminal background check from your home computer.

Background Checks At This Office:

The Mississippi State Department of Health offers a wealth of information in their criminal history files. Criminal records you receive in your Mississippi background check include felonies, misdemeanors and other criminal activity reported in the state. The sex offender registry, as well as other criminal records, are updated on the website regularly to ensure accurate information.

Access To Mississippi Background Records:

Accessing the Mississippi State Department of Health portal is as easy as signing up for an account on the website. If you will be performing multiple Mississippi background checks, this is the recommended option. However, you can also conduct a single Mississippi criminal background check through the website without a subscription, by paying a one-time fee for your information.

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