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Missouri Criminal Information Center

Court Records

State office

Missouri State Highway Patrol

Criminal Record & Identification Division

1510 E Elm St Jefferson City, MO 65102
8AM-4 PM M-F

Records Available:

CJIS distributes Missouri criminal records for criminal justice purposes to law enforcement agencies and approved state and employment entities, but also provides access for the general public. Individuals may request a complete criminal record or receive open records. Open criminal records include arrests less than 30 days old, convictions or guilty pleas, charges waiting final disposition and suspended imposition of sentence records. Closed records include all arrests and dismissed charges, which are only available to approved agencies or individuals requesting personal criminal records.

Access to Missouri Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Colonel of the Missouri State Highway Patrol acts as the custodian of criminal records. Any individual may request open criminal records. Online records are available through the state’s electronic Public Request Form or through the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS). Written requests may be submitted using a Criminal Record Check form and mailing it to the Custodian of Records or faxing it to 573-751-9382. Requests may be hand-delivered to the Custodian of Records at the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s General Headquarters in Jefferson City.


The fee for a name-based criminal record search is $10. The fee for a fingerprint-based search is $20. Fees must be paid at the time of request by check, money order, or most major credit cards.

Years Available

The Missouri State Highway Patrol has been gathering fingerprint records since the installation of its Automated Fingerprint Identification System in 1989. For information about historical criminal records, contact the department’s Custodian of Records.