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Montana Criminal Records

Montana Criminal, Inmate & Background Check Information At Corrections & Police Departments

Montana criminal records check and search

Where To Access Criminal Records In Montana

Montana Department of Justice

About This Office:

The Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is part of the Montana Department of Justice and maintains the central repository of Montana criminal records and fingerprints. DCI also maintains the sex offender registry and oversees the Criminal Justice Information Network (CJIN).

Criminal Records At This Office:

The general public may make name-based searches for criminal records on third parties by using the online record search service for $11.50 per search. Registered users (like authorized employment agencies) have an account and will pay monthly bills for multiple searches. Name-based or fingerprint-based requests can also be mailed at $10 per name. Fingerprint searches return accurate, complete criminal records including records from Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming (available only to authorized users).

Access To Montana Criminal Records:

Montana criminal records are available to the public in a limited format and to authorized criminal justice agencies in full. The public has access to criminal records, including arrests for felony or misdemeanor charges and court information relating to those cases, but public access does not include deferred or dismissed charges.

How To Lookup Inmate & Incarceration Records In Montana

Montana Department of Corrections

About This Office:

The Montana Department of Corrections (MDOC) oversees adult and juvenile offenders, from incarceration to parole or probation. MDOC sponsors inmate programs including chemical dependency treatment, anger management, parenting skills, sex offender and cognitive restructuring to help inmates rehabilitate during their sentence.

Inmate Records At This Office:

Montana inmate lookup is done online through MDOC’s Offender Locater. Users may search using the offender’s DOC unique identification number or by name and date of birth plus adding in details like gender, race and offender type.

Access To Montana Inmate Records:

Montana inmate lookup is accomplished through MDOC, which provides the public access to inmate records. Public records for inmates will include date of birth, a photo, physical and demographic description and criminal records. Physical and demographic information includes birthplace, race, gender, marital status, citizenship, left or right handed, scars/tattoos, hair color, eye color, build, skin tone, height and weight. Criminal information includes incarceration location, sentence details, tentative release date, status and convictions.

Run A Background Check In Montana

Montana  Department of Justice

About This Office:

The Montana Department of Justice oversees 14 divisions, including the State Highway Patrol, the Motor Vehicle Division, Office of Victim Services and the Attorney General’s Office. The Division of Criminal Investigation is responsible for storing the state’s criminal records and making them available to the public and law enforcement.

Background Checks At This Office:

Montana state background checks can be requested by the general public through the Criminal Records department. The public may access prior and current felony and misdemeanor arrests, and court information related to misdemeanor or felony charges related to any individual. However, any dismissed or deferred charges are considered private.

Access To Montana Background Records:

Montana criminal background checks use either a name or fingerprint search. Individuals can mail in a fingerprint card (optional) with the person’s name, social security number, date of birth with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Online, users may access the Criminal History Online Public Record Search and print results from any computer.

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