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Mississippi State Highway Patrol

Court Records

State office

Criminal Information Center

Dept. of Public Safety, Bureau of Investigation

PO Box 958 Jackson, MS 39205

Records Available:

Mississippi criminal records are limited to authorized state and federal agencies, law enforcement and authorized entities, such as employers who are required by law to conduct criminal background checks on potential employees who will work with minors or the elderly. Complete Mississippi criminal records, which include all arrests whether a conviction resulted or not, dispositions, and pending or open charges filed and are released for criminal justice purposes only. Employers receive all state convictions since 1998 and all arrest records less than one year old.

Mississippi  Court Record Availability

CIC permits access to their state criminal records with the subject's expressed written consent on the state's Release Form, and to entities with purposes provided for by state statute, in health care, banking/finance, military, childcare and schools.

Access to Mississippi Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety oversees the Criminal Information Center (CIC), which serves as a repository of criminal records. The Applicant Fingerprint Processing Section of the CIC is responsible for processing criminal history record requests from employers and other authorized entities. Authorized requestors may submit fingerprint images and other applicant data electronically using the Livescan system or manually on ink and paper cards. Depending on the agency requesting the records, the CIC may request a signed release from the record subject and information verifying the identity of the requestor.


For the most current criminal background check fees, contact the Criminal Information Center of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

Years Available

Criminal history records from the Mississippi Department of Public Safety’s Applicant Fingerprint Processing Section include state conviction information dating from March 1998 to the present and arrest information less than one year old.