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Montana Department of Justice

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Criminal Records

PO Box 201403 Helena, MT 59620-1403

Records Available:

Montana criminal records are available to the public in a limited format and to authorized criminal justice agencies in full. The public has access to criminal records, including arrests for felony or misdemeanor charges and court information relating to those cases, but public access does not include deferred or dismissed charges.

Montana  Court Record Availability

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Access to Montana Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Montana Department of Justice disseminates criminal records through its Montana Criminal Records division. Any citizen or agency may retrieve criminal records electronically through the Montana Department of Justice Criminal History Online Public Record Search (CHOPRS). Only name-based searches may be conducted online. To search by name or fingerprints, applicants may submit a request to Montana Criminal Records by mail. Only law enforcement agencies may obtain full criminal histories; public records are limited by Montana’s privacy laws.


The fee to process an online or written state background check is $10. The fee for a federal fingerprint-based check is $27.25, if the background check is conducted for employment or licensing purposes. A background check conducted on volunteer workers costs $23.25.

Years Available

The Montana Department of Justice provides access to criminal records for as long as the subject lives. Contact the Montana Criminal Records division for information on historical criminal records.