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North Dakota Division of Criminal Justice Services

Court Records

State office

Bureau of Criminal Investigation

Criminal Records Section

PO Box 1054 Bismarck, ND 58502-1054

Records Available:

North Dakota criminal records are available to non-criminal justice agencies and individuals in a limited form. The exception is individuals requesting personal criminal records and approved state agencies and law enforcement, who can access third parties complete criminal records. Public criminal records include convictions, dismissed charges less than three years old, incarceration records less than three years old and arrests for felonies or misdemeanors. Juvenile records and older charges are restricted.

North Dakota  Court Record Availability

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Access to North Dakota Court Records

Retrieving Records

The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) is a division of the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office. Any agency or member of the public may request a criminal history check on an individual using the state’s Non-Criminal Justice Request for Criminal History Record Information form. A signed release from the subject is not required; however, the BCI will notify the subject that the record has been released. The completed form should be mailed to the Criminal Records Section of the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation.


The fee for processing a criminal history check through the North Dakota Bureau of Investigation is $15, payable by check or money order. Non-profit charities may qualify for a fee reduction.

Years Available

The North Dakota BCI maintains a current repository of records of arrests and prosecutions in the state. Questions about historical criminal records should be addressed to the Criminal Records Section of the BCI.