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Nevada Criminal Records

Nevada Criminal, Inmate & Background Check Information At Corrections & Police Departments

Nevada criminal records check and search

Where To Access Criminal Records In Nevada

Nevada Bureau of Criminal Investigation

About This Office:

The Records Bureau, part of the Records and Technology Division under the Nevada Department of Public Safety, maintains all criminal records for the state. The Records and Technology Division also maintains the state’s sex offender registry and uniform crime reporting system.

Criminal Records At This Office:

Nevada criminal records requests must be accompanied by a fingerprint card obtained from an approved fingerprinting location. A form must be filled out and a fee of $21 mailed included. If a third party requests a criminal records check with no signed waiver, the fee is still $21 for limited criminal history.

Access To Nevada Criminal Records:

Complete Nevada criminal records are released only to the subject of the criminal records, not to the general public. Criminal records can be requested by third parties if requested by authorized state agencies, approved employers with a signed waiver, and law enforcement. Conviction records are considered public information, however, and can be released without a waiver. Complete criminal records include all arrests, indictments, detentions, dispositions including convictions, acquittals and dismissals plus any sentences imposed.

How To Lookup Inmate & Incarceration Records In Nevada

Nevada Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

About This Office:

The Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) oversees eight correctional facilities, ten boot and conservation camps, one restitution center and one transitional housing center for the state. NDOC also promotes rehabilitation programs for inmates to try and help offenders lead full lives free of crime once released.

Inmate Records At This Office:

Nevada inmate lookup can be done online through NDOC’s online system. Users may search by ID number or name. Family and friends or victims searching for additional information may contact the correctional facility listed on the offender’s public record, and specific information will be released as determined by individual facilities.

Access To Nevada Inmate Records:

NDOC holds all inmate records and makes limited information available to the public. Public Nevada inmate lookup searches will yield the offender’s name, known aliases, gender, ethnicity, age, birth date, height, weight, complexion, hair and eye color, current institution or status, and lists whether the offender has prior felonies. Specific conviction and sentence information is not included.

Run A Background Check In Nevada

Nevada  Department of Public Safety

About This Office:

The Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS) oversees nine divisions designed to keep citizens and visitors safe. Divisions include the Nevada Highway Patrol, Parole and Probation, and Records and Technology. The Records and Technology Division houses the criminal records repository and provides law enforcement and individuals with Nevada background checks.

Background Checks At This Office:

Nevada background checks are only released to the person on record and do not include juvenile criminal records. Nevada criminal background checks will reveal arrests, subsequent detention, indictments, and criminal charges with resulting dispositions including convictions, acquittals and dismissals. Additionally, incarceration records within Nevada and parole status are also included if applicable.

Access To Nevada Background Records:

Individuals may request their own Nevada criminal background check by first filling out the request form. You must have a certified fingerprint technician complete a standard fingerprint form that includes your full name, and place and date of birth. Remit these with the correct fee, and the results will be mailed.

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