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New Hampshire State Patrol

Court Records

State office

State Police Headquarters

Criminal Records, James H. Hayes Bldg,

33 Hazen Dr Concord, NH 03305
8:15AM-4:15PM (public counter)

Records Available:

New Hampshire criminal records are confidential and aren’t released to the general public unless an authorization is obtained. Individuals may request their personal criminal record, as can law enforcement and authorized criminal justice agencies. Employers may also request criminal background checks, but must get written authorization from the subject.

New Hampshire  Court Record Availability

The web page does a nice job of outlining who can obtain records and for what reason. In general, records are not available to the public unless written authorization by the subject is provided.

Access to New Hampshire Court Records

Retrieving Records

Criminal records are disseminated by the Criminal Records Unit of the Division of State Police, which is part of the New Hampshire Department of Safety. Any individual may request a copy of his or her own record. A signed release is required to receive a copy of another individual’s record or to send a personal record to a third party. Applicants may request their criminal records in person or may mail in a notarized application.


A $25 fee is charged for a New Hampshire Department of Safety criminal history check. Record checks performed for non-profit agencies; individuals seeking a position as a volunteer; or agencies that provide services to the elderly, to the disabled, or to children cost $10.

Years Available

The New Hampshire Department of Safety’s Criminal Records Unit stores criminal history information indefinitely, unless the record is annulled.