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New Jersey State Police Headquarters

Court Records

State office

Division of State Police

Records and Identification Section

PO Box 7068 West Trenton, NJ 08628-0068

Records Available:

New Jersey criminal records are restricted, meaning they aren’t available to the general public. Individuals may request their personal criminal records, but not those of a third party. Only authorized government and state agencies, authorized employers and entities, and law enforcement may request New Jersey criminal records on third parties. Criminal records include all convictions in New Jersey, both adult and juvenile, all pending arrests and pending charges.

Access to New Jersey Court Records

Retrieving Records

Authorized agencies and individuals may request criminal history record checks by completing the appropriate request form provided by the New Jersey State Police. Requests for name-based criminal history checks may be mailed to the Division of State Police. Individuals who wish to receive copies of their own records must schedule an appointment for Livescan fingerprinting at an approved site. Appointments may be scheduled online through MorphoTrak. Applicants must bring the completed Universal Fingerprinting Form to their appointment, along with personal identification.


The cost of an individual criminal history record check is $41, payable by credit card, debit card, or money order. An employee background check costs $57.50, and a volunteer background check costs $26.

Years Available

The New Jersey State Police maintains criminal history records throughout the subject’s lifetime. Requests for historical information should be addressed to the Division of State Police, Criminal Identification Unit.