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Nevada Bureau of Criminal Investigation

Court Records

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DPS-Records & Technology Div

Records Bureau

333 W Nye Lane, #100 Carson City, NV 89706

Records Available:

Complete Nevada criminal records are released only to the subject of the criminal records, not to the general public. Criminal records can be requested by third parties if requested by authorized state agencies, approved employers with a signed waiver, and law enforcement. Conviction records are considered public information, however, and can be released without a waiver. Complete criminal records include all arrests, indictments, detentions, dispositions including convictions, acquittals and dismissals plus any sentences imposed.

Nevada  Court Record Availability

Records are available if you provide fingerprints and consent of subject. Otherwise, this agency suggests a court record search instead.

Access to Nevada Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Nevada Department of Public Safety disseminates criminal history records through its Records and Technology Division in Carson City. Any individual may request a copy of his or her criminal record by submitting a fingerprint card, a completed ID form DPS-006, and the required payment to the Nevada Department of Public Safety Records Bureau. In certain cases, employment background checks require a signed waiver from the subject.


The fee for a single criminal history check is $21, payable by cashier’s check or money order at the time of request. Agencies that submit frequent criminal record requests may establish an account with the Nevada Department of Public Safety.

Years Available

Criminal history records are kept throughout the lifetime of the individual. Questions about historical records should be directed to the Records Bureau of the Nevada Department of Public Safety.