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New York Department of Public Safety

Court Records

State office

Division of Criminal Justice Services

Record Review Unit

4 Tower Place, Stuyvesant Plaza Albany, NY 12203

Records Available:

New York criminal records may be released, in full, to individuals requesting their personal criminal records. Authorized employers or licensers, law enforcement and criminal justice agencies may request criminal records of third parties. Criminal records include all arrests, convictions, sentences and dispositions, including civil offenses, on record for that individual.

New York  Court Record Availability

Email questions to Records are only released pursuant to court order, subpoena, to entities authorized by statute, or to person of record. The public must search at the county court level and via the state OCA system.

Access to New York Court Records

Retrieving Records

Individuals living in New York may request a personal record review from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) by scheduling a fingerprinting appointment with MorphoTrust USA online or by telephone. At the fingerprinting appointment, applicants must provide two forms of personal identification and pay the fingerprinting fee. Individuals living out of state may call the DCJS to request a Record Review Packet. Authorized agencies may submit a record request to the Office of Court Administration.


For a personal criminal history check from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, the fingerprinting fee is $60.75, plus the MorphoTrust USA processing fee of $10.75. The fee for an employer background check is $65.

Years Available

Criminal records are retained by the DCJS for the lifetime of the individual. Requests for historical records may be addressed to the DCJS Record Review Unit.