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Ohio Bureau of Investigation

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Ohio Bureau of Investigation

Civilian Background Section

PO Box 365 London, OH 43140

Records Available:

Ohio restricts criminal records to authorized employment agencies and law enforcement, although individuals may request their own Ohio criminal record through the Civilian Unit of BCI. Potential employees for daycare, elderly care, nursing, teaching or working in the school system, as well as certain licenses, all require the subject to pass an Ohio criminal records check. All convictions will appear on criminal record reports.

Ohio  Court Record Availability

The state has an innovative system over the web for electronic transfer of fingerprints. See Online Access below.

Access to Ohio Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), a division of the Attorney General’s Office, performs criminal background checks. Upon receipt of the subject’s fingerprints, the BCI compares these fingerprint records against the records in a state database. Individuals seeking a copy of their own criminal record may use the BCI Civilian Background Check fingerprint card. Employers and other authorized agencies may request a criminal background check at one of the WebCheck locations in Ohio.


Civilians must pay $22 by money order, personal check, business check, or certified check to receive a copy of their criminal record. A fee may be required for employers and other agencies to use the WebCheck system.

Years Available

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation provides access to criminal history information based on fingerprint records for as long as the subject is alive. Questions about historical records should be directed to the BCI.