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Ohio Criminal Records

Ohio Criminal, Inmate & Background Check Information At Corrections & Police Departments

Ohio criminal records check and search

Where To Access Criminal Records In Ohio

Ohio Bureau of Investigation

About This Office:

The Attorney General’s office oversees the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI), which acts as the central repository for all criminal records by filing fingerprints and photos relating to felony and misdemeanor arrests in Ohio. BCI also analyzes DNA to solve current and cold cases.

Criminal Records At This Office:

Ohio mandates all criminal records checks are fingerprint-based using card scan, an electronic fingerprinting system. Individuals requesting personal criminal records must be fingerprinted at an approved location and sign a release. The fee is $22, and you must present government issued photo identification before fingerprinting will commence.

Access To Ohio Criminal Records:

Ohio restricts criminal records to authorized employment agencies and law enforcement, although individuals may request their own Ohio criminal record through the Civilian Unit of BCI. Potential employees for daycare, elderly care, nursing, teaching or working in the school system, as well as certain licenses, all require the subject to pass an Ohio criminal records check. All convictions will appear on criminal record reports.

How To Lookup Inmate & Incarceration Records In Ohio

Ohio Department of Correctional Services

About This Office:

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ORC) maintains 31 correctional facilities, four of which house female inmates. ORC also operates halfway houses throughout the state, parole and probation offices and two boot camps for first-time, non-violent, young offenders. Additionally, Ohio has two private prisons.

Inmate Records At This Office:

Ohio inmate lookup is done online through ORC’s online search portal. Inmate records can be retrieved and viewed at will using the offender’s ID number or by entering last name, first name and county of commitment. Users may also narrow search results by choosing type of offender: incarcerated, under supervision or violators at large.

Access To Ohio Inmate Records:

Ohio inmate records are available to the public and will include biographical information like full name, date of birth, a photo, gender and race, as well as conviction information like date of admission, custody status, institution location, sentence information for each conviction, details of each conviction, projected release date and the county of commitment.

About This Office:

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office oversees departments for businesses, consumers and law enforcement. The law enforcement office includes the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, which helps law enforcement solve crimes. The BCI analyzes DNA, consults on cyber crimes, holds the state’s fingerprint records and provides access to criminal and sex offender records.

Background Checks At This Office:

Ohio criminal background checks are primarily available to authorized agencies and employers who are required by law to perform Ohio background checks on potential employees or licensees. Criminal records are searched using fingerprints and will return arrest and conviction records. The Ohio Attorney General recommends independent vendors for personal background checks.

Access To Ohio Background Records:

In order to obtain an Ohio background check, a background check request form must be filled out and submitted with an approved and completed fingerprint card and fee to the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. Criminal history results are returned for state criminal records only.

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