Oregon State Bureau of Investigation

Court Records

State office

Oregon State Police, Unit 11

Identification Services Section

PO Box 4395 Portland, OR 97208-4395

Records Available:

Oregon criminal records are available to the public in a limited format. Individuals requesting their personal criminal record can access complete criminal records. Limited Oregon criminal records include all arrests that resulted in convictions. When requesting criminal records on another person for employment, the subject must be notified. If not and a criminal record is located, the subject will be notified by CCH.

Access to Oregon Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Identification Services Section of the Oregon State Police maintains criminal records. Individuals can obtain a copy of their own criminal history by completing the state’s fingerprint card, form FD258, and submitting it by mail or in person to the Oregon State Police Identification Services Section in Portland. Individuals or agencies who want to perform a name-based check on another person may submit an Open Records Request Form by mail, fax, or in person. Open Records business accounts are available for individuals or agencies who want to request records online.


Individuals must pay a fee of $33, payable by check or money order, for a copy of their own criminal history. A name-based criminal history check on another person costs $10.

Years Available

The Oregon State Police Identification Services Section disseminates records of convictions and arrests less than one year old, unless a dismissal or acquittal has occurred.