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Rhode Island Department of Attorney General

Court Records

State office

Department of Attorney General

Bureau of Criminal Identification

150 S Main Street Providence, RI 02903

Records Available:

Rhode Island criminal records are considered confidential, but will be released to the public with the proper steps followed. Criminal records released to authorized agencies or individuals requesting third party records will contain public record criminal history, including all conviction information. Individuals may also request their personal criminal records.

Access to Rhode Island Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Bureau of Identification (BCI), a unit of the Department of the Attorney General, is responsible for disseminating criminal records. All criminal record checks require authorization from the record subject. Criminal records may be obtained by submitting a signed, notarized release for information to the BCI in Providence. Requests may be mailed or hand-delivered and must include a copy of the record subject’s photo identification. Requests for a national background check must include the subject’s fingerprints.


Requests for criminal records are processed for a fee of $5. This fee is payable by check or money order, made out to the BCI. Cash is not accepted.

Years Available

The Department of the Attorney General BCI holds the criminal history records of more than one million individuals. Records are available throughout the individual’s lifetime and are retained in accordance with the department’s retention requirements.