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South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

Court Records

State office

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED)

Criminal Records Section

PO Box 21398 Columbia, SC 29221

Records Available:

South Carolina criminal records are available to the general public and are limited to those criminal records considered public record, meaning all arrest and conviction information. Law enforcement may access complete criminal records, including dismissed charges and acquittals.

Access to South Carolina Court Records

Retrieving Records

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) performs criminal background checks on behalf of individuals, employers, and authorized agencies. Criminal records may be viewed and printed online through SLED CATCH (Citizens Access to Criminal Histories). SLED CATCH can process both name-based and fingerprint-based criminal history searches. Requests that require notarization cannot be processed online. Notarized requests should be completed on the division’s Criminal Record Request Form and submitted to the SLED Records Department by mail.


The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division charges a $25 fee for each criminal history records check. The fee for charitable organizations is $8. Background checks requested by local school districts for teachers are free of charge.

Years Available

SLED criminal background checks can be performed throughout the lifetime of the individual. Requests for historical records may be addressed to the SLED Records Department.