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South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation

Court Records

State office

Division of Criminal Investigation

Identification Section

1302 E Highway 14, Ste 5 Pierre, SD 57501-8505

Records Available:

South Dakota criminal records are available to individuals wishing to review their personal criminal history, as well as to employers or authorized state agencies and to law enforcement. Complete criminal records are released, although third party requesters (except law enforcement) must obtain a signed waiver. Criminal records include all arrest records, even those that didn’t result in conviction like dismissed charges and suspended imposition of sentence. South Dakota criminal records don’t include federal, sealed or juvenile records.

Access to South Dakota Court Records

Retrieving Records

The South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) Identification Department releases criminal records to individuals, employers, and authorized agencies with a signed release from the record subject. The request must be completed on a state applicant fingerprint card, which is available from the DCI. Fingerprints may be processed at a local law enforcement agency. The record subject must sign the back of the card before the card is delivered to the Identification Department.


Requestors must pay a processing fee of $24 to receive a state-only background check from the DCI. There is a fee of $43.25 for a federal background check. Fees must be paid by check or money order; cash is not accepted.

Years Available

The South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation draws from computerized records in the state’s database of felony and misdemeanor arrests. Over 230 thousand subjects are on file, and information is accessible throughout the subject’s lifetime.