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Utah Criminal Records

Utah Criminal, Inmate & Background Check Information At Corrections & Police Departments

Utah criminal records check and search

Where To Access Criminal Records In Utah

Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification

About This Office:

The Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) falls under the Department of Public Safety. BCI maintains the state’s criminal records and fingerprints in addition to Utah Crime Statistics.

Criminal Records At This Office:

Individuals may request personal criminal records in person at BCI or by mail. Individuals must present government issued photo identification and pay $15 for in person requests. Mailed requests must include a clear copy of photo identification and the $15 fee. Individuals must be fingerprinted first at their local law enforcement agency. If a third party (like an employer) is requesting the criminal records check, an authorization form must be signed by the subject.

Access To Utah Criminal Records:

Utah is a closed records state, meaning Utah criminal records are not available to the public. Only individuals may request to review personal criminal records. Authorized employers, according to federal law, and law enforcement and criminal justice agencies may request criminal records on third parties, which will include all arrest information, whether a conviction resulted or not, but won’t include juvenile records.

How To Lookup Inmate & Incarceration Records In Utah

Utah Department of Corrections

About This Office:

The Utah Department of Corrections (UDC) operates two state prisons and various county jails throughout the state. UDC strives to rehabilitate offenders and provides religious guidance, counseling, life skills and work skills training, and substance abuse treatment programs for inmates.

Inmate Records At This Office:

Utah inmate lookup is done online and by telephone. UDC operates an inmate search portal online and gives access to basic biographical and physical information only, as well as a photo of the offender. If information is desired concerning the location and status of an inmate, UDC offers VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday). Anyone may access VINE by phone or online to access status changes and location of inmates. Victims may register to receive updates so that if an inmate is transferred, released, escapes or dies, VINE will send notification.

Access To Utah Inmate Records:

Utah inmate lookup yields inmate records that show the offender’s name, known aliases, ID number, date of birth, weight, height and gender. Also available to the public is the location and status of an inmate.

Run A Background Check In Utah

Utah  Bureau of Criminal Identification

About This Office:

The Utah Department of Public Safety oversees the Bureau of Criminal Identification, which is responsible for maintaining fingerprint records and criminal histories to assist law enforcement and government agencies. The DPS also oversees Highway Patrol, Fire Marshal, Emergency Management and the Drivers License Division as part of their mission to keep Utah safe.

Background Checks At This Office:

Utah is a closed records state, meaning that individuals may only request personal Utah background checks and not those of a third party. Employers who are required to perform Utah criminal background checks on potential employees may obtain third party records. Criminal histories include all arrest records, dispositions and pending charges.

Access To Utah Background Records:

Individuals who wish to review their Utah criminal records may request a Utah background check in person or by mail. Individuals must complete the Criminal History Record Application and submit it along with the fee to the Bureau of Criminal Identification. Individuals may challenge their criminal records if an error is found.

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