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Virginia Criminal Record Check Section

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Virginia State Police


PO Box 85076 Richmond, VA 23261-5076

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Virginia criminal records can be requested by individuals wishing to review personal records, as well as the general public, although only limited criminal records are available to the public. Authorized state agencies and employers may request complete criminal records on third parties, which include all arrests regardless of outcome.

Virginia  Court Record Availability

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Retrieving Records

The Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS), a division of the Virginia State Police, performs criminal record checks. Record subjects, private companies, or members of the general public may request a criminal record check using Criminal Record Name Search form SP-167, which must be signed and notarized. Non-criminal justice entities, such as day care centers and adult home care facilities, may request criminal record checks using the SP-230 form. This form does not require notarization. Criminal record requests may be submitted by mail.


The fee for a statewide name-based criminal record search through the Virginia State Police CJIS is $15. The fee for a state and federal fingerprint-based criminal record search is $37, including fingerprinting.

Years Available

The Virginia State Police Criminal Justice Information Services Division can search for criminal records throughout the person of record’s lifetime. The division’s retention policy determines how long records are kept.