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Vermont State Police

Court Records

State office

Criminal Record Check Section

Vermont Criminal Information Center

103 S. Main St. Waterbury, VT 05671-2101

Records Available:

Vermont criminal records are available, in a limited format, to the general public. Complete criminal histories include all disposition and arrest information, even pending and dismissed charges. Only individuals requesting personal records or law enforcement may access complete criminal records. The public may access conviction records only on third parties.

Access to Vermont Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Vermont Department of Safety oversees the Vermont Criminal Information Center (VCIC), which acts as a repository of criminal records. Any individual or agency may request a conviction report for another party by mail, in person, or through the Vermont Criminal Conviction Record Internet Service (VCCRIS). A criminal history report, which provides a complete record of pending, dismissed, or acquitted charges as well as convictions, is available only to the record subject. Criminal history report requests must be submitted by mail or in person and must be notarized.


Applicants must pay a $30 fee to obtain a conviction report from the Vermont Department of Safety VCIC. The fee may be paid by money order, check, or cash.

Years Available

The Vermont Criminal Information Center can perform criminal background checks throughout the lifetime of the person of record. For information about archived records, contact the VCIC.