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Washington State Patrol

Court Records

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Washington State Patrol

Identification and Criminal History Section

PO Box 42633 Olympia, WA 98504-2633
8AM-12; 1PM-5PM M_F

Records Available:

Washington criminal records are public record, although only conviction records and sex offender status will be released to the general public. Individuals and approved state agencies, employers and law enforcement may obtain complete criminal records that include all dispositions and arrests, regardless of conviction.

Washington  Court Record Availability

Two types of records available: 1) General Public (all juvenile and adult convictions and arrests less than one year pending disposition); and 2) background checks by employers, including of volunteers working with children or vulnerable adults.

Access to Washington Court Records

Retrieving Records

Individuals, employers, and authorized agencies may request criminal records from the Washington State Patrol Identification and Criminal History Section by completing a background check form, submitting a fingerprint card, or requesting records online. Written forms may be submitted or hand-delivered to the Washington State Patrol. Access to online records is available by registering at the WATCH (Washington Access to Criminal History) website. Only conviction information is made available to the general public.


A name-based criminal record search through the Washington State Patrol’s WATCH system costs $10. There is an additional $10 fee for a notary seal. A mailed name-based search costs $17, and a fingerprint-based search costs $26.

Years Available

The Washington State Patrol can conduct criminal record checks for as long as the person of record is alive. Records are archived and retained according to the department’s policies.