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Wisconsin State Police

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Wisconsin Department of Justice

Crime Information Bureau, Record Check Unit

PO Box 2688 Madison, WI 53701-2688

Records Available:

Wisconsin is an open records state, meaning Wisconsin criminal records are available upon request to the general public. Juvenile, sealed and expunged records are protected. Law enforcement may access complete criminal records, as can individuals wishing to review personal records.

Access to Wisconsin Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Crime Information Bureau (CIB) of the Wisconsin Department of Justice disseminates criminal records to the public in accordance with the state’s open records law. Criminal records may be requested online at the CIB’s website. Individuals or agencies who frequently request records have the option to open an account with the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Record checks may be requested by mailed or faxed using the appropriate CIB application form. Certified record checks are available by mail using the Single Subject Record Request Form DJ-LE-250.


Online criminal record requests through the Wisconsin Department of Justice CIB database cost $7, and mail or fax requests cost $12. The Wisconsin Department of Health adds a $3 fee for background checks for care providers.

Years Available

The criminal information in the CIB database is based on fingerprint data submitted by police departments in Wisconsin. Police departments have been required by state law since 1971 to submit arrest fingerprint cards.