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West Virginia Department of Justice

Court Records

State office

State Police

Criminal Records Section

725 Jefferson Rd South Charleston, WV 25309

Records Available:

West Virginia criminal records are available to the public upon request, as well as to authorized state agencies and employers and to individuals wishing to review personal criminal records. Complete criminal records released include all arrests and dispositions occurring in West Virginia to the date of the request.

West Virginia  Court Record Availability

The state will also sell an "incident report" of a specific criminal action for $20.00, call 304-746-2178 or use Form WVSP-141 This is for a single incident only.

Access to West Virginia Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Criminal Records Bureau, a division of the West Virginia State Police, performs criminal background checks for personal information, employment, licensing, certification, housing, and other purposes. A signed authorization from the record subject must accompany a criminal record request. Applicants may initiate a record request by scheduling a fingerprint background check online at the MorphoTrust USA website or call 855-766-7746 to schedule an appointment. Record requests are no longer accepted in person at the West Virginia State Police Headquarters.


Record applicants will be informed of the West Virginia fees for fingerprinting when they contact MorphoTrust USA to schedule a fingerprinting appointment. Fingerprinting fees vary by state.

Years Available

Criminal record requests for the West Virginia State Police may be processed throughout the record subject’s lifetime. Requests for historical records may be directed to the Criminal Identification Bureau.