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Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation

Court Records

State office

Division of Criminal Investigation

Criminal Record Unit

316 W 22nd St Cheyenne, WY 82002
8AM to 5PM

Records Available:

Wyoming criminal records are considered public information in that individuals may request personal criminal records and distribute those records to anyone. Wyoming criminal records consist of arrests and convictions for felonies and misdemeanors. However, since Wyoming is part of WIN (Western Identification Network), criminal records are checked in Idaho, Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Montana and Washington.

Wyoming  Court Record Availability

A record inquiry includes all reported felonies, high misdemeanors and other specified misdemeanors, but not municipal ordinance violations. authorized by state law, the check may include federal records held by FBI.

Access to Wyoming Court Records

Retrieving Records

Any individual may request his or her criminal record by submitting a State of Wyoming fingerprint application card to the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation. The preprinted fingerprint card includes a record release signature section, which the person of record must sign. Applicants may be fingerprinted at the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation office in Cheyenne or at a local law enforcement agency. Employers may conduct background checks on individuals who submit a signed fingerprint card. Individuals being fingerprinted must present a form of government-issued photo identification.


The fee for a Wyoming criminal record check, which includes the states in the Western Identification Network, is $15. The fee for an FBI background check is $24. The fee for certain volunteers is $10.

Years Available

The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation can perform criminal history checks on an individual for as long as he or she is alive. Records are retained in accordance with the division’s retention policies.