Data Sources Education

Data Sources Education

Data Sources Education

PeopleSmart is revolutionizing access to public records by safeguarding sensitive personal information and fostering a safe, healthy digital ecosystem. For instance, we’re proud to provide our Connect members with easy access to contact information through our relay systems that don’t expose a recipient’s postal or email address. We’ve also developed a world-class portal for access to digitized and non-digitized court records, spanning county, state, and federal courts.

Transparency about the sources of the data we use is a key part of our effort to build a healthy public records ecosystem. This page explains some of the kinds of sources that contribute to public records found on our site.

Public records on our site may come from the following:

Marketing Sources

Publicly available information such as your address, telephone number, email address, or general interests can come from your registration with different marketing sources. These can include your participation with certain magazine or online subscriptions, response cards at shopping outlets, telephone directories, surveys, and charitable giving.

Consumer Activity Sources

Certain kinds of consumer activity can also be a source point for public records. This can include using a store rewards card, getting your car serviced, and changing your address with non-government sources.

Telecommunications Services

Registering with certain telecom services can also result in your name, address, or telephone number being publicly available. For example, if you are listed in a telephone directory, port your landline to a cell with national registries, or list your landline or cell phone with public entities, your information may become publicly available. PeopleSmart does not provide “forward search” access to cell phone numbers. That means a visitor to PeopleSmart can find person’s landline phone number, if available, but a cell-phone number. Visitors can only use PeopleSmart to do a “reverse search” to look up who owns a specific cell-phone number.

Government / Public Record Sources

Many of the records found on our site come from government and public records sources, such as the US Postal Service, county tax assessors, county clerk offices, motor vehicle departments (where permitted by state law), state corrections departments, census data, and county, state, and federal criminal/civil courts.