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Most Common Male Name: Benjamin

Benjamin, or "son of my right hand" in Hebrew, has been a favorite since the original Biblical Benjamin. Rabbinical scholars say that it could also be interpreted as "son of the south." The last of Jacob’s sons, Benjamin was the founder of the tribe by the same name. Often shortened as Ben, Benji is also popular, as can be seen from the eight children’s films about Benji the dog. The US $100 bill is sometimes called a "benjamin" after Benjamin Franklin, the Founding Father whose face graces it. Other Benjamins run the gamut from popes to Breaking Benjamin, a post-grunge rock band.

Most Common Female Name: Brianna

Brianna is also spelled Breanna, Breana, Briana, Briána, Brianna, Bryanna, Brina, Breanne, Brianne. The feminine form of the Irish and Breton name Brian, its origin is unclear. It might mean "high" or "noble." "Bre" means "hill" in Old Celtic, so the name could be construed as "exalted one" or "eminence." As a girl’s name, it dates back only to about the sixteenth century in England but has been very popular in the US starting in the 1970s. The name is often shortened to Bree, which may be how the radio talk-show host Bree Walker got her name.