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Most Common Male Name: Christopher

Meaning "bearer of Christ" in Greek, the name Christopher is popular all over the Christian world, spelled in many different ways. Variants of the name include the following: Christof or Christofor (Romanian); Christoffel, Christoforus, or Christophe (Dutch); Christoffer or Kristoffer (Danish and Swedish); Christophe (French); Christophorus (Latin); Críostóir (Irish); Crìsdean (Scottish); Cristóbal (Spanish); Cristòfol (Catalan); Cristoforo (Italian); Cristóvão (Portuguese); Kristofor (Albanian); Khristofor (Bulgarian, Russian, and Serbian); Khristóphoros (Greek); Khrystofor or Kryshtof (Ukrainian); Krist'epore (Georgian); Krīstafer (Arabic); Kristof (Breton or Turkish); Krištof (Slovak or Slovenian); Kristóf or Krisztóf (Hungarian); Kristoffer (Norwegian); Kristofor (Croatian); Kristoforas or Kristupas (Lithuanian); Kryštof (Czech); and Krzysztof (Polish)

Most Common Female Name: Chloe

After practically being forgotten for many years, Chloe has become a very popular name in English-speaking countries. It is also spelled Chloë, Chlöe, Cloe, Chloé, Khloë, Khloé, and several other ways. As with other Greek given names such as Phoebe and Zoe, the E is pronounced as a separate syllable. The name means "young green shoot" and was once one of the names of Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest, who was in charge of the earth’s fertility, marriage, and the seasons. Possibly the most notable of the name in current years, Khloé Kardashian maintains a presence on so-called reality TV shows.