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Most Common Male Name: Ethan

Another Hebrew name, Ethan means "strong and firm." It comes from the name Eitan (or Etan), which is popular in Israel. There are at least two cities in Israel with the name Eitan in them, and the US boasts Ethan, SD. Ethan is thought to have been in King David’s court and the author of Psalm 89. Many people probably think of Ethan Allen furniture as the most famous Ethan, and they may be surprised to know that Ethan Allen was an American leader during the American Revolution. Other namesakes include Ethan Hawke, American actor; and the character Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible.

Most Common Female Name: Emma

The origin of the name Emma is uncertain, but it may come from Erma, the beginning of many German names. Erma means "strong, whole, or universal." It is popular in English-speaking countries as well as western Europe. Famous Emmas include Emma Bunton, a Spice Girl; Emma Lazarus, the American poet who wrote the poem on the Statue of Liberty; Emma Samms, an English actress; and Emma Stone, an American actress. English author Jane Austen wrote Emma, which is the basis for the movie Clueless. Emma Pillsbury is the guidance counselor on the TV show Glee.