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Most Common Male Name: Fernando

Fernando is the Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian name used for Ferdinand, which is a combination of the Germanic words for "safety or protection" and "journey". It is popular in countries where Spanish and Portuguese are spoken, which includes the US. Famous Fernandos include Fernando Valenzuela, Fernando Cabrera, and Fernando Gonzalez, all American baseball players; Fernando Vargas, Mexican-American boxer; Fernando de Lucia, Italian tenor; and Fernando Balzaretti, Mexican actor. At least twenty Sri Lankan cricket players carry Fernando as their surname, as do several other Sri Lankan personages. The Swedish pop group ABBA sang a song named Fernando.

Most Common Female Name: Faith

Faith, unsurprisingly, means "faith." Popular in English-speaking countries, it is also fairly common as the name of a doom metal musical group as well as several songs and albums. American TV shows Battlestar Galactica, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Stargate Universe, and Supernatural each have an episode entitled "Faith". Famous Faiths include Faith Popcorn (born Faith Plotkin), American futurist; Faith Ford, American actress; and Faith Hill, American pop and country singer. Faith Newman is a character on the American soap opera The Young and the Restless. In the UK, the company Faith Shoes is named after its founders, Samuel and Terry Faith.