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Most Common Male Name: Gabriel

The angel Gabriel was probably the first by that name. Its meaning in Hebrew is "God is my strength." In the Gospel of Luke, he foretold the birth of Jesus and John the Baptist. He is known as the patron saint of messengers, postal workers, diplomats, and those who work in radio and television. Christian art is full of paintings, statues, and icons of him. Muslims revere him as the angel through whom Allah revealed the Qur’an to Mohammed. The name is found wherever Christianity and Islam are practiced. Gabriel Island is in Nunavut, Canada; Mount Gabriel is in Ireland.

Most Common Female Name: Grace

The name Grace means exactly what it says; it can refer either to the religious sense of grace (as in the song Amazing Grace) or to a way of moving or acting with beauty. It comes from Latin "gratia". The three Graces were known as the goddesses of beauty, joy, and charm. Famous Graces include Grace Hopper, one of the first computer scientists; Grace Kelly, an American actress who became Princess Grace of Monaco; Gracie Allen, wife of George Burns and the "straight man" of their radio and TV act; and Grace Slick, American singer and songwriter.