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Most Common Male Name: Hunter

The given name Hunter was originally a Scottish surname meaning exactly what one would imagine it means: one who hunts. Generally a boy’s name, it had a brief period of popularity on the pink side of the charts. As both a first and last name, Hunter is found in English-speaking countries. Fictional Hunters include Hunter Van Pelt, a character in the movie Jumanji, and Shawn Hunter, a character in the TV series Boy Meets World. Actual Hunters include Hunter Tylo, an American actress; Hunter Smith, an American football player; and Hunter Johnson, an American composer.

Most Common Female Name: Hannah

Hannah, Anna, Anne, Ann, and Channah are all the same name, which means "grace" in Hebrew. It has always been a common Jewish name and has become a common name across the spectrum. Interesting Hannah facts: The Biblical Hannah was the mother of the prophet Samuel. St. Anne, the English rendition of the mother of Mary (who was the mother of Jesus) was really named Hannah. Dakota Fanning goes by her middle name; her first name is (you guessed it) Hannah. The word Hannah is a palindrome, reading the same in both directions.