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Most Common Male Name: Isaac

Isaac means "laughing" in Hebrew. The mother of the Biblical Isaac, Sarai, laughed when she was told that she would have a son, as she and her husband Abram were both old. Isaac was one of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim patriarchs, and his name is common throughout the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim world. Famous Isaacs include Isaac Asimov, American author; Isaac Hayes, American singer; Sir Isaac Newton, English scientist; Itzhak Perlman, Israeli-American violinist and conductor; Isaac Singer, the founder of the Singer Sewing Machine Co.; Isaac Bashevis Singer, Polish-American author; and Isaac Stern, Ukrainian violinist.

Most Common Female Name: Isabella

Isabella is said to be a form of the name Elizabeth, which comes from Hebrew and means "My God is abundance." Several animals use the name Isabella to indicate their species, including a spider, butterfly, moth, bird, squirrel, and sea snail—for example, funisciurus isabella, the Lady Burton’s rope squirrel. The US has at least four lakes, three towns, a county, and a township named Isabella. Famous Isabellas include Queen Isabella of Castile and León, who (with her husband, King Ferdinand of Aragon) sponsored the 1492 voyage of Christopher Columbus. Isabella is also the name of a character in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.