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Most Common Male Name: Jacob

Jacob comes from Hebrew and means "he who supplants" or "he who takes by the heel." The Biblical Jacob was the second-born of twins, sons of Isaac and Rebecca. He clutched the heel of his twin, Esau, and later bought Esau’s birthright as firstborn, explaining both meanings of his name. He is honored as a patriarch or prophet in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The name is popular in the Jewish and Christian traditions. A Jacob sheep is a small spotted sheep with two to six horns. John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith is the subject of a children’s song.

Most Common Female Name: Julia

Julia is a so-called "Adam’s rib" name, the feminine form of the name Julius. In ancient Rome, the name Julius or Julia was given to everyone in the Julius family, which included Julius Caesar, among others. The name means "downy-bearded youth" and has been popular in America for at least 200 years. It is also popular in Europe and the rest of North America. Famous Julias include Julia Ward Howe, who wrote the lyrics to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic", as well as Julia Roberts, Julia Stiles, and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, American actresses.