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Most Common Male Name: Kevin

Kevin comes from Latin by way of Irish (formerly called Gaelic). It probably comes from cóem, meaning "kind" and "gentle", and gein, meaning "birth". The names Kelvin and Calvin are not related to Kevin. For more than fifty years, Kevin has been a popular name in America; it has been favored in Ireland for a very long time because of St. Kevin (Caoimhghin in modern Irish). Europe is also picking up on the name. There is a town in Montana named Kevin. Famous Kevins include Kevin Kline and Kevin Bacon, both American actors.

Most Common Female Name: Kayla

Kayla may have several origins. Some say that it is a variation of the name Michaela, the feminine form of Michael, which is Hebrew for "who is like God?" Others find it to be an imitation of the character Kayla Brady on the American soap opera Days of Our Lives. Whatever its origin, it is clear that the name had a meteoric rise in popularity after Kayla Brady was written into the show. The name is a favorite in English-speaking countries. Kayla is also one of the names used to refer to the community of Ethiopian Jews.