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Most Common Male Name: Logan

Logan means "small, round hill" or "hollow" in Scottish Gaelic. It is a surname that has made the transition to given name. Many locations are either called Logan or have Logan in the name, including Logan International Airport in Boston. It is found mostly in English-speaking countries, mostly as a boy’s name. The name’s popularity seems to coincide with the appearance of and growing interest in Wolverine, a character in Marvel Comics known as Logan, among other names. Logan is also the name of a Scottish rock band. Logan’s Run is the name of a science fiction book and movie.

Most Common Female Name: Lily

Lily is one of those names that means just what it sounds like. The word comes from the Latin lilium, also referring to the flower. There are several variants; Lilly, Lilli, Lillian, and Liliana are just a few. It is a particularly popular name in English-speaking countries. Lili Marleen was a German love song that became familiar during World War II. Lily Potter was the mother of the fictional Harry Potter. A small town in South Dakota is named Lily. Eli Lilly and Company is a pharmaceutical company based in Indiana. Lily Tomlin is an American actress.