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Most Common Male Name: Michael

The name Michael comes from Hebrew and means "who is like God?" The name is popular in many so-called Christian countries, probably because of Michael the archangel, who appears in the Biblical Book of Daniel. Nicknames for Michael include Mike, Mickey, and Mick. Probably the most famous Michael is Mickey Mouse, a beloved cartoon character created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. Other famous Michaels include Byzantine, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Bulgarian, and British royalty. Michael has been in the top 60 boys’ names for more than 100 years and has been in the top three in the US since 1953.

Most Common Female Name: Madison

Madison means "son of Maud" or "son of Matthew"—which is odd, because it is now a very popular girl’s name. Before 1930, only boys were named Madison. The 1984 movie Splash has a mermaid character whose real name was not humanly pronounceable. When asked her name, she looked up and saw a street sign saying "Madison Avenue" and then took the name of Madison. (The male lead objected on the grounds that it wasn’t a name.) From 1985 on, Madison has been more and more popular. Since 1997, it has been one of the top ten girl’s names.