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Most Common Male Name: Patrick

The name Patrick comes from the Latin patricius ("noble"), which also spawned the English word "patrician". The name is extremely popular in Ireland, probably because St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland (among other places). It is often seen in other English-speaking countries as well as Germany, France, and other so-called "Christian" countries. St. Patrick was from Wales but was enslaved by Irish raiders. He escaped, became a Christian bishop, and is said to have converted Ireland to Christianity. The Irish form of the name is Padraic, explaining why March 17 is also called "St. Paddy’s Day".

Most Common Female Name: Paige

Paige is based on the last name of Page or Paige. Those with this last name have an ancestor who was a young helper in a noble house. Paige is also the name of two unincorporated communities in the US; a pop and rock band in the UK; and a company that built luxury cars in Detroit between 1908 and 1927. James Paige developed the Paige compositor, which was supposed to replace humans in the printing process. Mark Twain invested a great deal of his money and his wife’s fortune in this machine and lost it all, which some think caused his humor to fail.