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Most Common Male Name: Ryan

Ryan comes from an Irish last name, Ó Riain or O’Ryan, which means "descendant of Riain or Ryan". This name, Riain, probably means "little king". It is popular mostly in English-speaking countries. In the US, it is particularly favored in New England. Famous Ryans include Ryan Gosling, Canadian actor; Ryan O’Neal, American actor; and Ryan Seacrest, American radio personality and television show host. Ryan Howard is a temp in the American TV show The Office. The Ryan-Pitman theory is another name for the Black Sea deluge theory. Von Ryan’s Express is a World War II adventure film.

Most Common Female Name: Rachel

Rachel is Hebrew for "ewe" or female sheep. The Biblical Rachel was the mother of Joseph and Benjamin, founders of two of the twelve tribes of Israel; she is revered in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. There is a town in Nevada named Rachel. Famous Rachels include Rachel Carson, American author and ecology activist. Fictional Rachels include Rachel Green, one of the six main characters in the TV show Friends; Rachel Berry, from the TV show Glee; and Rachel, one of the teens in the Animorphs young adult science fiction series.