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Most Common Male Name: Tyler

The first name Tyler may come from an occupation: tiler (of roofs) or tile-maker. The name could also come from an old English name meaning "door keeper at an inn". A tyler or tiler is the Masonic office of outer guard, akin to the position of sergeant at arms. The name has migrated into the range of first names from the last name of Tyler and is generally found in English-speaking countries. Several states have towns named Tyler, including California, Florida, Minnesota, Texas, and West Virginia. The USS Tyler was an American Civil War gunboat.

Most Common Female Name: Taylor

Taylor is another first name that has migrated from the ranks of last names. It comes from the occupational last name of tailor, which comes from the Norman French word tailleur or "one who cuts". It is speculated that the popularity of the feminine name Taylor is due to the British author Taylor Caldwell. The name is found largely in countries where English is spoken. The Taylor KO Factor is a measure of the stopping power of bullets. There are at least 12 towns in the US called Taylor: in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.