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Most Common Male Name: William

William comes from old Germanic words meaning "desire" and "protection". It has been popular in the US for at least 150 years and is also very popular in Europe. Many rulers have been named William. The one many people know nowadays is "Wills" or Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, older son of Charles, Prince of Wales, who is the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth of the UK. Another famous William is William the Conqueror, or Guillaume le Conquérant, as his countrymen the Normans still call him. Last but not least, the famous William Shakespeare wrote many plays and poems that are still required study in English-speaking countries.

Most Common Female Name: Wendy

Wendy is a nickname for Gwendolen and other names beginning with the Welsh gwen, meaning "white" or "blessed". It can also be a nickname for Wanda. It was rarely used as a name by itself until the public heard about the character Wendy Darling in the book, play, and movie Peter Pan. The author, J. M. Barrie, was thinking not of either of the names mentioned above but of a small girl who called Barrie "my fwiendy-wendy". Wendy the Good Little Witch is a character in Harvey Comics. Wendy’s is a North American fast-food chain.