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Most Common Male Name: Xavier

Xavier is very unusual in that it comes from the Basque name Etxaberri, which means "new house". St. Francis Xavier, the patron saint of missionaries and the founder of the Society of Jesus (known as the Jesuits), is so popular that his last name migrated and became a first name. The name Xavier is therefore most popular in countries with a substantial Catholic population. Professor X (actually named Charles Xavier) is the head of the school for mutants in the Marvel Comics X-Men series and movies. Xavier Harkonnen is a character in the Dune science fiction books.

Most Common Female Name: Ximena

Ximena is the Spanish version of the name Simone, a feminization of the name Simon or Simeon. That name may come from the Hebrew for "one who hears". Ximen may also come from Ximeno, which means "son" in Basque. Alternate spellings include Jimena, Simona, Šimona, Cymone, and Simona. The name Ximena is popular in countries where Spanish is spoken, but its equivalents (and its masculine versions) are found in many countries. Ximena itself was first documented in the Iberian peninsula starting in the 10th century as the feminine form of Jimeno II, the founder of the Jiménez dynasty.