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Most Common Male Name: Yosef

Yosef is Hebrew for "he will add". Not surprisingly, it is the same name as Joseph. In the Hebrew Scriptures, Joseph was Jacob’s 11th son. In the New Testament, Joseph was Mary’s husband and functioned as the father of Jesus. The name was found only in Jewish populations until the Middle Ages, when St. Joseph began to gain favor. Famous Josephs abound. They include Joseph Conrad, Polish-American author; Joe Biden, US vice president; Joe DiMaggio, American baseball player; Joseph McCarthy, US senator and founder of McCarthyism; Franz Josef Haydn, Austrian composer; and Joseph Stalin, premier of the Soviet Union.

Most Common Female Name: Yasmin

Yasmin is Persian for "jasmine", a flowering shrub whose flowers are used to make perfume. Its English equivalent, Jasmine, is much more commonly found in the US. Forms of the name are popular from the US to Turkey, especially in countries with Muslim populations: Yasmine, Yasmeen, Jasmina, Jasmijn,Jasmin, Jázmin, Yasamin, Yasmina, Jasmina, and Yasemin. Princess Jasmine is the female lead in the Disney movie Aladdin.color jasmine is a pale shade of yellow. Jessamine was an American band. is a Japanese singer. Yasmine Bleeth is an American actress famous for running on the beach in the American TV show Baywatch.