Basic Information About PeopleSmart

Basic Information About PeopleSmart

What is PeopleSmart?

PeopleSmart is a people search engine designed to help you find and connect with others. With a friendly design and safe privacy controls, we make it easy to find the directory information you need.

Our company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with additional offices in Omaha, Nebraska. To learn more about PeopleSmart visit our About page.

What types of searches are available through PeopleSmart?

Consumers and businesses use PeopleSmart to quickly search for contact information, reverse phone lookups, emails, court records, and more.

PeopleSmart also offers a nationwide Court Runner Service, which gives you the ability to retrieve non-digitized public records directly from county courthouses.

What are the benefits of a paid PeopleSmart Membership?

PeopleSmart allows 10 free searches per day for basic contact information.

Membership gives you fuller access to our directory:

  • Search by name, phone, email, and address
  • Available contact information
  • Court records and other public documents
  • Alerts when new information is available for your Saved Searches

Your searches are confidential. Premium reports sold separately. Click here to become a Member.

How can PeopleSmart help me manage my records, online identity, and privacy?

To manage your own records on PeopleSmart or be removed from our directory, please visit the Manage Your Information page. For premium identity theft protection, try IdentitySmart, an all-in-one solution that provides breach monitoring, your public records background report, credit alerts, insurance, and more.

What are Inflection, GoodHire, and Identity? How do they relate to PeopleSmart?

PeopleSmart is a product of Inflection, an innovative technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley. Inflection creates industry-leading services that help people build trusted connections:

PeopleSmart is a directory search engine that helps you find and connect with others.

GoodHire is an FCRA-compliant employment screening service that helps businesses build great teams. is an identity management tool that helps you control your personal data.

IdentitySmart is a premium self-protection tool that secures and monitors your identity.

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