Data Quality and Sources

Data Quality & Sources

Where does PeopleSmart’s data come from?

Directory information on PeopleSmart is aggregated from a range of sources. Court houses, state and local record agencies, and commercial vendors supply the bulk of our data.

We seek to organize our records as close to the "source" as possible, in order to pinpoint inaccuracies and verify the legitimacy of each record type.

How often does PeopleSmart update their databases with new records?

We are continuously adding new information to our site and the PeopleSmart Membership. Sometimes new contact information or public records are not immediately released, depending on the source, in which case it might take longer to see the changes on our website.

What types of data are excluded from PeopleSmart?

PeopleSmart does not provide information about SSNs, religion, income, credit scores and reports (excluding your own as part of IdentitySmart, when your identity is verified), ethnicity, political affiliation, sexual orientation, and/or other sensitive character information. We do not display information about minors, and we take reasonable efforts to suppress or appropriately curate information about celebrities, public figures, and other potentially vulnerable individuals.

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