Payment & Billing

Payment & Billing

How does billing work?

PeopleSmart offers both one-time fees (often for reports) and recurring membership fees where indicated. If a membership comes with a 7-day trial and you don’t cancel your membership during the trial period, your recurring membership fee will begin automatically after the trial period ends. Membership fees automatically renew at the same price and term as originally specified, unless you cancel your membership. If you need help or want change your billing options, please contact us.

How does a 7-day trial work?

On some membership products, PeopleSmart offers a 7-day trial. Sometimes this 7-day trial will be free, while other times there is a small fee for the trial (e.g. $1). If you do not cancel before the trial period ends, you will be billed the membership fee once the trial ends. This membership fee will renew at the same price for each term specified when you signed up. The recurring billing will stop if you cancel your membership.

How do I change billing options or cancel my trial or membership?

You can manage your subscriptions when you are signed into your account. Sign in and select "My Account" which is listed under your name in the top right corner of the site. On the "My Account" page, select "Membership", and then select "Cancel Membership", where you can follow the cancellation prompt. If you have more than one type of subscription, you will need to manage each one individually.

How will the charge appear on my credit card?

Membership payment will appear on your bank statement as "INF*" along with our toll-free customer support number.

If my search result is a public record, why do I have to pay for it?

As anyone who has visited the Department of Motor Vehicles or other government office can attest, information on the public record can sometimes be very difficult to access. In fact, most public records are. PeopleSmart specializes in aggregating contact databases and making them available to you via our industry-leading, easy-to-use search function. We pull this information from a diverse array of sources, including county courts, state databases, and hundreds of municipal websites.

Are membership fees recurring or one-time?

Where indicated, membership fees are recurring and will automatically renew upon expiration at the same price and term. To change your billing schedules, please contact us.

Why does PeopleSmart ask for an additional payment when I’m already a member?

Your PeopleSmart membership includes a host of unlimited search tools, including searches for people, phone, email, address, court records, work information, and vital records. Background reports and our court runner service for non-digitized records are sold separately because background reports incur additional per-search expenses from our data sources, as does the extra cost of retrieving non-digital, on-site records from our court runner service.

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