Privacy & Identity Management

Privacy & Identity Management

How do I remove or change the information that appears about me on PeopleSmart?

We take your privacy very seriously. To be removed from our directory or manage your listing, please use our simple opt-out request form.

How does PeopleSmart protect privacy?

At PeopleSmart, providing you with a privacy-friendly people search engine is our #1 priority. Our unprecedented privacy protections are of the highest importance. These include:

  • PeopleSmart offers a simple online method to opt out of our search databases or manage how you want your record shown.
  • PeopleSmart does not provide sensitive personal information, like religion, income, credit scores/reports, ethnicity, SSNs, and so on.
  • PeopleSmart's proprietary email search technology relays emails found through a search without revealing the recipient's full email address.
  • PeopleSmart also offers IdentitySmart, a service that provides identity theft insurance, credit monitoring, and tools that allow users to take control of their identity.
  • PeopleSmart works with our sister site, which provides identity management tools that empower you to manage, protect, and share your information exactly the way you want.
  • PeopleSmart searches are 100% confidential and are protected with site-wide SSL protection.
  • PeopleSmart has a team dedicated to proactively removing contact information about celebrities, public figures, and other potentially vulnerable individuals
  • PeopleSmart does not engage in suspicious post-transaction marketing, including sharing your credit card information with unknown 3rd party companies.
  • PeopleSmart does not provide cell phone numbers for name searches.

We look forward to adding new privacy controls and identity management innovations in the future. If you have any feedback, ideas, or questions about our privacy practices, please Contact Us. Learn more about our Privacy Principles or visit our Privacy Education Page.

I have read about "privacy frameworks." Which ones are relevant to PeopleSmart?

Here are three privacy frameworks that are relevant to PeopleSmart:

  • The FTC consumer privacy framework recommends that people search companies identify and describe themselves and that users be permitted to correct and delete their information. It also calls for more industry-led consumer education.
  • The White House has advocated for a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights identifying "a need for transparency to individuals about how data about them is collected, used, and disseminated and the opportunity for individuals to access and correct data that has been collected about them."
  • The Department of Homeland Security's Fair Information Practice Principles promote "mechanisms for appropriate access, correction, and redress" of personal information.
  • The Privacy by Design framework recommends that privacy be integrated into products by default, not just added as an afterthought. User privacy should be protected by default, without complicated or obscure procedures.

In addition to other measures, we follow these recommendations by allowing users to easily manage and opt out their information, by describing who we are, and by providing privacy education.

How do I keep information about me out of Internet search results on other sites?

There is no sure way to guarantee that information about you will never appear in Internet search results. However, there are some techniques that you can use to minimize the amount of information shown. Using a nickname on social networks, having a throwaway email account for commenting on blog posts, and locking down online profiles to prevent them from being publicly viewable, are all steps that will reduce your digital identity footprint.

On the other hand, you may want some information to be available while minimizing any negative or private content. While some companies may advertise their ability to control search results about you, there is no way for them to completely eliminate negative content, and you should be cautious of anyone who promises to do so. Instead, work to publish positive content that will rise to the top of search results, pushing negative content to the bottom.

What is IdentitySmart?

IdentitySmart is self-protection tool offered within PeopleSmart that secures and monitors your identity. IdentitySmart provides $1 million in identity theft insurance and offers 24/7 credit monitoring. It also enables you to monitor public data that is available about you, view your own personal background report, and correct errors immediately.

Additionally, IdentitySmart alerts instantly notify you of any changes to public data about you so that you can protect your personal information. IdentitySmart allows you to opt out of websites or cookies that are tracking your computer. Finally, if your identity is stolen, IdentitySmart provides restoration advocates that manage and restore identities to clear your good name.

What is Identity (iD)? is a sister site of PeopleSmart and an identity management tool that helps you control your personal data and manage your credibility online. It is a hub for your identity, all in one place. Identity helps you build, manage, verify, and share a trusted profile, bringing that reputation everywhere you go. It also partners with PeopleSmart to help manage your public records and take control of your online identity. Identity provides resources to learn about privacy, identity theft, and identity management. Its integration with IdentitySmart allows you to access premium identity protection tools.

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