Outsmart Identity Theft

Detect identity theft early, minimize damage of fraud, and quickly repair your identity with IdentitySmart.

How does IdentitySmart help you?

We can help you monitor, alert, and restore your identity.

IdentitySmart Monitor


IdentitySmart keeps a pulse on your credit profile, public records, and instances where your private information is exposed online. We help you stay proactive before the point of fraud.

IdentitySmart Monitor


Early detection is the key to recovery. We notify you by email or text about any suspicious activity related to your accounts, so you can react quickly to threats.

IdentitySmart Monitor


Recovering from identity theft can be overwhelming and costly. In the event your identity is compromised, our restoration specialists help you quickly take back control of your life. Plus, don’t forget about our $1 million insurance.

Protect your identity with IdentitySmart’s comprehensive membership.

Here’s how our memberships help you.

Fend Off Fraud

We monitor applications for online services that require submission of your social security number.

We'll notify you if we suspect that someone is trying to apply for a service using your information.

Identify Breached Emails

We scan the web to detect if your email addresses have been involved in a data breach.

We'll alert you if we notice that your email addresses were exposed.

Monitor Your Credit

We help protect your credit score by monitoring your profiles with all three credit bureaus.

We'll notify you if there are changes, such as credit inquiries, new lines of credit, or large balance changes.

View Your Public Records

We monitor your online public records to detect misuse of your identity.

We'll notify you if there are any changes, so you're aware of what's on record about you.

Get $1 Million Insurance

We help you quickly land on your feet if identity theft does happen.

Our policy provides reimbursement for unauthorized electronic fund transfers, and covers $1,000/week in lost wages up to five weeks.

Recover With a Specialist

You don't have to recover from the damages of identity theft alone.

You'll receive assistance from a Personal Restoration Advocate to help resolve any issues if you are a victim of identity theft.

Start your coverage today.

IdentitySmart provides a fast and efficient way to manage your own identity.

$14.95 / month

Did you know?

19 People Fall victim to identify theft every minute. This makes it the fastest growing crime in the U.S. *

* Source: TransUnion