Important Notices for Using PeopleSmart

Important Notices for Use

What You Can and Can’t Do

PeopleSmart can help you make connections, enhance community, enable professionals, and do much more.

As the world’s leading privacy-friendly search engine, we want to help our visitors avoid using PeopleSmart in ways that are against the law and counter to our privacy standards.

Please review this list of ways you can use PeopleSmart and the uses to avoid.

You Can Use PeopleSmart to:

Find, Reconnect, Reunite

PeopleSmart makes finding others and coming together easy and simple. Here are some great ways PeopleSmart can be used reignite a connection:


Out of touch? Find a family member. Plan a reunion. Come together.

Childhood Friends

Want to find your friends of yesteryear? Go for it, reconnect.

Military Friends

Revisit the powerful bonds formed together. Reach out and reconnect.

Lost Loves

Rekindle long lost love. See if the sparks still fly.

Organize Social Gatherings

PeopleSmart lets you reach out to expand or build a network. Here are some ways to use PeopleSmart to bring groups together:

Class Reunions

Contact alumni and make the reunion bigger and better.

Hobby Groups

Grow a network of those with shared interests. Share your hobby with others.

Volunteer Groups

Connect with your community, build donor lists, and recruit and reconnect with helpers.

Enhance Safety

You can use PeopleSmart to enhance personal and family safety. Keep in mind, though, that you can’t use PeopleSmart for hiring a nanny, making decisions on employment, credit, insurance, or tenant screening, all of which are prohibited by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Potential Roommates

Before you sign a lease, look into the past record of potential roommates.

Blind Dates

Look up someone you met online. Date with peace of mind.

Online to Offline Commerce

Verify who you’re meeting or transacting with before you make the exchange.

Your Own

See what others see in your public records. Check for inaccuracies. If you’re interested in identity protection, consider IdentitySmart, which is owned by our parent company, Inflection.

Use Records Professionally

PeopleSmart is an excellent tool for professionals who need the highest quality court and public records data on the Internet.

Court Records

Forget the red tape. Get court records online and with ease.

Legal Network

Look for information on clients, prospects, or beneficiaries.

Real Estate Prospects

Build your real estate prospect list. Know who you’re meeting before the meeting.

You Can’t Use PeopleSmart for Anything Prohibited by the FCRA

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that only special agencies known as “consumer reporting agencies” sell consumer reports. PeopleSmart is not a consumer reporting agency and does not make consumer reports. That means you can’t use PeopleSmart when making decisions about someone’s eligibility for employment, credit, insurance, or housing.

It’s against the law to use PeopleSmart for:

Hiring Decisions

The FCRA prohibits using PeopleSmart for making hiring decisions. Please visit GoodHire for all your employment screening needs.

Household Workers

The FCRA prohibits using PeopleSmart to hire household workers, including nannies and babysitters.

Credit or Insurance Eligibility

The FCRA prohibits using PeopleSmart to determine credit or insurance eligibility. If you’re looking to run employment-related credit checks (and are eligible to do so), you can do so at GoodHire, an FCRA-compliant employment screening service from PeopleSmart’s parent company, Inflection.

Tenant Screening

The FCRA prohibits using PeopleSmart to conduct tenant screening.

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