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Alaska Department of Corrections

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Alaska Department of Corrections

DOC Classification Office

550 W 7th Ave, #601 Anchorage, AK 99501

Records Available:

Alaska inmate records allow the public to view where an inmate is incarcerated and the inmate’s tentative release date, if any. For victims of a crime, notification of an inmate’s status will be forwarded by mail, email or phone upon registration, including when an inmate gets transferred, released from custody, escapes, dies in prison or is placed in a work release program.

Access to Alaska Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Alaska Department of Corrections provides information about inmates who are currently incarcerated to victims, family members of victims, and concerned citizens. Information about incarcerated inmates, including their release dates, may be obtained through the Alaska branch of VINElink, a nationwide victim identification network. VINElink has a toll-free number, 800-247-9763, which victims and concerned members of the public may call 24 hours a day. The Alaska Department of Corrections will notify victims by mail, phone, or email of an inmate’s change in incarceration status.


Individuals are not charged for using the Alaska

Years Available

The Alaska Department of Corrections has made the 24-hour VINElink system and victim notification systems available to the public since 1998. Records are available for inmates who are currently within the system.